Yes Yes Hell No: The Little Book for Making Big Decisions is the title of a book I’m rereading about making big decisions.

The basic premise is to make great decisions and look for the choice that evokes these three internal responses:

  • The voice of intuition lights up (intuition voice is that inner voice of wisdom)
  • The voice of reason checks it out and approves it (is it reasonable?)
  • The voice of fear says hell no, run away (does it scare you a little bit?) 

In 1999, Scott and I talked about me coming on board with Glen Oaks Escrow, and it was definitely a Yes Yes Hell No! experience for me.

I wish I had known about this book back then.

At the time, the first voice of intuition, my inner voice, said, “This will be amazing! I will be working with someone I love, someone I have known for most of my life, and someone who holds the same values. Check, yes!” 

The reasonable voice said, “Hell yes!” It made sense for both my family and me. 

The fear voice… I’m there! It is natural to fear the unknown, but I knew in my gut it was the right decision. Still, I got a little stuck on this one until… 

When I was pondering this decision, Dori and I were on our way back from Las Vegas, and I was sharing my thoughts with her, including the little fear voice that was teetering back and forth on yes/no. 

She looked up and saw a cloud that spelled out YES. I know, really weird, but I looked up and saw it too. And that’s when I knew with 100% certainty I was all in. 

Thank God I said yes.

If you want to talk, I am here. 

Life is good.