I had a really crummy week a few weeks ago. It felt like every time I turned around there were more things to deal with. Nothing major, not a health issue, just lousy stuff. Stuff that felt like it just kept accumulating – like not communicating as well as normal with my family, I washed my car and it rained… that sort of thing. I know, poor me.

Given the mindset I was in, I started going down the “Why me?” route. But then the switch flipped and I went down the more productive lane with this question in mind, “What can I learn from this?” Side note: going to the beach and feeling and seeing the salt water helped me get to this point (even though it was freezing!). 

The next week, I worked to understand the “why” of me feeling so down in the dumps. And I realized that I had fallen out of my normal routine. My eating schedule had been off, and I wasn’t working out, journaling or reading like I normally do. I’d gone through the week very half-ass, and I paid the price. 

I am happy to report that I got back into my routine and am looking at the world with gratitude and wonder instead of having a “this week sucks” attitude. 

If you ever find yourself having a crummy week, take a look back and consider what you could be doing to see the world with wisdom and gratitude. What’s the lesson? Often, it’s not even anything new. It’s just jumping back into good habits you lost track of. 

Life is good.


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