The third pillar of Emotional Intelligence is social awareness, so let’s start by looking at some traits of socially aware people: 

  • They are empathetic 
  • They are personally aware
  • They are aware of their body language, including facial expressions 
  • They are aware of how their words and actions affect others 
  • They can communicate with people the way those people want and need to be communicated to 

If you would like to work on this pillar, check out The Platinum Rule. It’s an awesome book that sheds a lot of light on this topic. 

Here are a few other tips right out of the gate that you can begin implementing if you’d like to increase your emotional intelligence in the social awareness bucket: 

  • Greet people by name – people love to hear their name. Don’t yell it, though. People don’t like that much. 
  • Be mindful of your body language, and use open body language – uncross your arms, untighten your face, and smile. 
  • Be in the moment. Listen to people instead of thinking about what you want to say. 

If you are saying to yourself, ‘I don’t want to do this,’ then do this one thing. Picture how you would react and respond if you were in the other person’s shoes. 

As you go about the week, keep this one thought in mind: imagine being in the other person’s shoes. 

Life is good. 

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