We are down to Emotional Intelligence’s fourth and final pillar: relationship awareness. 

So, what are some traits of relationship awareness? 

  • Good at leading change 
  • Persuasive in convincing people to do something for a mutually beneficial end result 
  • Service-oriented for the betterment of others 

If you are looking to increase your Emotional Intelligence within this pillar, here are a few suggestions: 

  • Be open and curious 
  • Ask questions 
  • Ask for feedback, and when you get it, shut up. Say thank you. No good will come of giving excuses or arguing. 
  • Build trust
  • Acknowledge other people’s feelings 
  • Don’t be afraid of hard conversations
  • Little things can pack a punch. Saying things like, “Well done,” “Thank you,” or “Ata boy or girl” can go a long way.

In the week ahead, see if you can find 1-2 ways to showcase your relationship awareness or build on it. 

Life is good. Jeff 

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