Pango Pledge

If you’ve been wondering just what “Pango” means, we’ll share a little inside secret.  It’s not the name of our founders or a trendy Web 2.0 word.  As a matter of fact, “Pango” can be traced back through the ages, and in Latin it means “pledge.”  That struck a chord with us.

We vowed to create a different kind of company.  One that places the customer’s experience before all else.  Every technological advancement, workflow process or initiative we pursue serves that one primary purpose.  It’s at the root of why we’re here and what we do.  So, “Pango” was a natural fit for something as significant as our company name.  It reminds us every day of our pledge to you?to deliver the highest level of customer service throughout the entire real estate closing process.

To experience “Pango,” we encourage you to contact any of our escrow brands to assist you with your real estate needs.  Enjoy customer service the way it’s meant to be.