It’s with a great deal of joy and excitement that we proudly announce the launch of our newly redesigned website at

Given that Pango Group owns and manages over 20 offices and 300 employees, we wanted to ensure that the website was comprehensive and brought together all of the Pango Group family of companies into one online location. 

The new website features a more streamlined, modern design and easy access to essential information to help its clients and partners better understand the company’s dynamic. This includes showcasing each Pango Group brand and its service offerings, illustrating the company’s mission, vision, and values, sharing essential news, and providing more information about its history and philanthropic causes it contributes to. 

Here is what our CEO, Scott Akerley, had to say about our new website: 

“We are so excited about the debut of the new Pango Group website! With this new look and feel, we know that our partners and prospective clients will better understand the breadth and depth of who Pango Group is and how we differ from other organizations in our industry. The newly designed Pango Group website brings together all of our brands, services, and people into one centralized place, allowing visitors to truly get a feel for not just who we are as an organization, but also for who we are as humans and the passion and genuine care we have for our people, partners, and communities.” 

Pango Group’s website will grow organically over time and regularly updated with news of expanded locations and service offerings, pertinent client and partner information, organization milestones, and more. 

Everyone is encouraged to explore the new website at

And, of course, if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our brands and services, please reach out. We are here to support you!