A few weeks ago, I wrote about forgiveness. So, I wanted to pick that topic back up with a focus on other people’s suffering.   

If you’re having a hard time with forgiveness, this may help. When someone wrongs us, it’s human nature to think, “What a jerk!” or, “What a horrible person!” PS – Remember labels; just because someone is acting horribly doesn’t mean he or she is horrible.   

What if that person acting like such a jerk recently lost his wife to cancer? Or that person who was acting so horrible just got fired?  

When we think of being wronged with that mindset, it allows us to feel compassion and that emotion ties directly into forgiveness.   

This thought process really allows us to think about that person and the stuff they might be dealing with. Give it a try! I have a feeling it might change your mindset a little when it comes to forgiveness.   

Of course, this applies to people who aren’t narcissists. Those people you just need to take out of your life!   

Life is good. – Jeff   

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