hdr-PG-open-house-safetyWe’re gearing up for a busy real estate season. More listings, more open houses!

To ensure your safety and to protect your seller’s valuables, please consider these tips next time you hold an open house or even have a showing.

  1. Check all the rooms and closets ahead of time – Call someone on the phone while doing this or have a buddy join you (fellow agent, lender, etc.).
  1. Always stay behind the visitors. Direct them; don’t lead them. All backpacks must be left up front.
  1. Have a discussion with the seller about removing everything of value including jewelry, electronics, prescriptions and guns. Never leave mail, bills, or bank statements where anyone can have access to them.
  1. Know the status of all the doors and windows – Are they locked?
  1. Determine several “escape” routes that you can use in case of an emergency. Make sure all deadbolt locks are unlocked to facilitate a faster escape. Make sure that if you were to escape by the back door, you could escape from the backyard.
  1. Inform a neighbor that you will be showing the house and ask if he or she would keep an eye and ear open for anything out of the ordinary.
  1. Buy a personal security app for your cell phone, and always keep your cell phone in your hands.
  1. Never do a private showing if you haven’t already met the client. On the first meeting of a client, always meet them at your office.