A friend of mine is getting a tattoo. One simple word: “impermanence.” Impermanence is the fact or quality of being temporary or short-lived. 

Impermanence really is the only guarantee in life. So why, then, do we cling on so tightly to permanence and fear change? 

I believe that fear is rooted in the fact we don’t like to be taken out of our comfort zones. We like our routines. But the reality is that nothing is permanent. Not our jobs, not our relationships, not the happiest of times, and not the saddest of times. 

It can be a complex concept to grasp, but there are a few suggestions that might help you become more comfortable with this concept: 

Embrace it

By accepting that nothing is permanent, we are mentally prepared for change. And when change does occur, we are less anxious, afraid and disappointed. 

Be grateful: 

Treating every day as though it could be your last changes how you speak, act and love. 

Take care of yourself and serve others: 

You will never experience this moment again, so make each moment count. 

This quote does a great job of summing up this very important concept: “Nothing in the world is permanent, we are foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we are more foolish not to take delight when it lasts.” – Somerset Maugham

So, in the week ahead, embrace the idea of impermanence. I am confident that it will shift the lens you see life through. 

Life is good.


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