Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I’m willing to bet that question caught every one of you, and you said, “Duh, of course.” 

When I am overwhelmed, first, I recognize that I am. Then, I write down what I am overwhelmed about. This list might have three things or 23 things. Next, I set out to conquer one of the items on my list. It could be the first thing or the 23rd thing. Sometimes, I start with the easiest item, other times with the hardest. All that matters is that you start somewhere. I accomplish one thing, and I cross it off. 

This is where the magic is – crossing off a task. One at a time is where you need to start. It’s overwhelming when you think of all 23 mixed together, but not so much when you just deal with one at a time. 

What do you think? 

Life is good.


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