Are you willing to forgive and move forward? 

It’s a simple question, but may not be exceptionally easy to answer. This quote is from my Unf*ck Yourself desk calendar that might help make it a little easier: 

“The single most important thing you can do for your life is to release anyone (including yourself) from blame for how your life has turned out. This includes parents, friends, neighbors, everyone. If that irritates you or enrages you, if you find yourself turning to your go-to argument or all too-familiar upset, take some stock here. You are arguing to keep the life you have. You’re making a case for sabotaging yourself.” 

If you’re still having a hard time with forgiveness, remember that forgiveness: 

  • Isn’t about the other person; it’s about you. 
  • Doesn’t mean you are excusing the other person’s words or behaviors. 
  • Doesn’t mean you can’t have feelings about the situation. 

Being pissed off doesn’t hurt the other person. It only hurts you. 

Life is good. – Jeff

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