Regional Escrow Operations Manager

Stacy Kung



Stacy Kung serves as the Regional Escrow Operations Manager at Pango Group and plays a significant role in the organization’s digital support division to ensure that escrow officers feel supported.  

She brings a great deal of experience from various service-oriented customer service roles, and she’s pulled from those past experiences to create positive engagement, meaningful relationships, and happy clients each and every day.

Her appreciation for clear and concise communication and being a team player have proved to be extremely useful in her role. Daily, Stacy works diligently to ensure that her team is set up for success and is always there to lend a helping hand if someone needs a little support. 

When Stacy isn’t busy helping grow the escrow support services team and offerings, you can find her exploring new food and restaurants. She’s an avid foodie and loves researching and planning trips around discovering new restaurants.